“I’ll Be Jewish for Christmas”: A Song By Katie Goodman

Musical comedian Katie Goodman‘s tune “I’ll Be Jewish for Christmas” (co-written by husband Soren Kisiel) speaks to people’s prejudgments about others’ presumed participation in the Christian holiday of Christmas. More specifically, and as Dylan P. GadinoLaughspin, asserts, “…(U)nless you walk around wearing an ‘I’m A Jew’ t-shirt, folks assume you celebrate Christmas. And, well, that can be annoying.”

Christian-bred but unaligned with any religion since my youth and not a fan of how our culture does Christmas—yet not in possession of a t-shirt proclaiming this fact—I’m also regularly the recipient of irrelevant holiday wishes. And, as if I hadn’t already identified enough with Goodman’s song, recently this has been enhanced. I’ll explain.

I just learned from an aunt that my mom’s forebears were actually Jews who converted to Christianity because of persecution. So it’s official (well, probably not really “official”): I can now wear the t-shirt (where can I find one) and shout from the mountaintops (not really my style) “I’ll be Jewish for Christmas.”

But seriously, whereas I actually prefer being label-less when it comes to this facet of my identity, Goodman, by the way, has been know to self-describe, according to a post from 2011, as “Jewish-Christian-Buddhist-agnostic.”

I bet that she and I have a lot in common, regardless.

Hit it, Katie:


One thought on ““I’ll Be Jewish for Christmas”: A Song By Katie Goodman

  1. It is a tedious time of the year! Our consumer-inflamed seasonal “spirit of giving” creates, for me, more anxiety and dread than all the holiday songs and well-wishes would imply. Layer onto this discomfort the pretense of religiosity (Merry Christmas? Jesus wasn’t even born in December for Christ sake!), this mass insanity seems to have little to do with love and joy. I choose to dissociate through most of it, though I’ve grown fond of Solstice as the simple (original?) occasion to celebrate the return of light and an acknowledgement that love is not what we buy but how we give of ourselves as we all orbit the sun on this amazing and fragile planet called Earth. Thanks for the hysterical Katie Goodman skit (I particularly liked the Chinese-Nazi riff) and, by the way, welcome to the tribe. There may be some knishes and rugalach in your near future.

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