“Minding Therapy” One Year Later

This blog, Minding Therapy, launched a year ago with a brief, simple post about the tune “What Do You Hear in These Sounds?” by singer/songwriter Dar Williams. Although mainly a folkie, she calls this her “pop song about therapy.” I titled the post “But Oh How I Loved Everybody Else When I Finally Got to Talk So Much About Myself…,” taken from the lyrics.

And the winner of my second longest title, you’re dying to know? Also from the first month: “Wherein I Salute Labor Day By Being Too Lazy To Give You Much Useful Information About Therapists and Therapy Types.”

Since the beginning, I’ve posted every weekday, mainly on the following categories, all in my mind related to therapy and/or therapists and often overlapping:

  • Pop culture references—e.g., anger management in the film Analyze This, ADHD on TV’s Modern Family, and Bob Newhart’s impatient shrink in a MADtv skit.
  • Topical issues—e.g., Amy Winehouse’s untimely death related to addictions, the book Sybil Exposed, the mental health needs of soldiers returning from Iraq.
  • Clinical issues—e.g., when shrinks pathologize clients, how the brain works, and whether to detach from a dysfunctional family.

The posts receiving the most hits this past year? (Note: time is on their side. The newest of these dates back to February.)

  1. 50/50, The Movie: What’s Up With the Therapist/Patient Boundaries?
  2. 50/50 (The Movie): Therapist/Patient Boundaries (The Update)
  3. How to Stop Smoking: SNL Takes on Chantix
  4. It’s Okay to Be “Quiet”
  5. Thanksgiving: Jason Mraz, Charlie Mingroni, and Gratitude
  6. What About Bob?: Baby Steps
  7. Bob Newhart As Brief Therapist
  8. “Head Case” Ali Wentworth’s New Book
  9. Friends Don’t Diagnose Friends: How I Met Your Mother Therapist Update
  10. Sex Addiction and Shame

The profile of a typical Minding Therapy reader, then, is one who:

  • has either been in therapy or is a therapist—or both
  • is particularly concerned about iffy therapist boundaries and skills
  • has quietly struggled with smoking and/or sex
  • is thankful to know that change can occur—albeit one small step at a time
  • but is often impatient with others’ problems and longs to tell them to get over it—just “stop it”!

Or perhaps that’s an unfair conclusion.

Some of the newer topics that are drawing the most readers? Not in any particular order:

  1. Should You Detach From Your Family?
  2. Do You Have a Psychopath For a Boss?
  3. Is It Time to Outsource Your Worries?
  4. From the Fatosphere and Beyond
  5. Nora Ephron, Heroine
  6. Ballet and Mental Health: A Novel
  7. What Causes Heterosexuality?
  8. Therapy Office Design
  9. Piscatorial Therapy
  10. Positive Versus Rational Thinking

By the way, have you noticed? My titles have gotten briefer over time.

If you’re curious about any of these, please use my Search bar and take a look.

And thanks so much for reading—I look forward to continuing to find topics of interest to both me and to you!


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