Parental Favoritism in Sitcoms “Raymond” and “Friends”

A couple examples of parental favoritism as dysfunctional sitcom-TV families sit down to special dinners.

I. Everybody Loves Raymond

The premise of Everybody Loves Raymond, it might go without saying, is that Ray (Ray Romano) is the favored child. This leaves him and older child Robert (Brad Garrett)—and everyone around them—to experience the effects.

In the clip below, mom Marie (Doris Roberts) decides to put a healthy spin on the Thanksgiving dinner. Present in addition to the sons are father Frank (Peter Boyle) and Ray’s wife Debra (Patricia Heaton).

Sometimes the unfavored one tries harder.

II. Friends

A dynamic in the Geller family on sitcom Friends is that Ross (David Schwimmer) is favored over sister Monica (Courteney Cox). At the dinner below, Ross tries to ease the pain for Monica—as difficult as it is for him to admit to the Gellers (Christina Pickles, Elliott Gould) what’s happened to his marriage.

It still backfires.

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