Oct 26

Stress Scale Updates: Holmes and Rahe For Today

For those who’ve been trying to find the revised version of the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale (Big Blogger knows you’re out there), I’ve got the info you need.

It turns out that psychiatrist Richard Rahe, co-author of the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale (1967), now offers—for the price of 5 bucks—an updated version called A Recent Life Changes Stress Test (RLCST). “Completing this inventory and seeing results scored with revised life change units (LCU), a rough assessment of a person’s near-future risk for illness or accident is obtained. A brief description of the completer’s risk category is also presented along with the test’s total LCU score.”

And that’s not all. Dr. Rahe, who has worked extensively with both military personnel and civilians who’ve experienced significant trauma, provides for free A Post-Traumatic Growth Questionnaire. This is something Rahe had originally found “in the literature”— but without any known authorship. He then adapted it for his site, explaining to prospective users that “(n)ot all after-effects of trauma are negative. Areas of personal strength and growth frequently occur.”

His Products page also lists various versions of another type of Stress and Coping Inventory of his own devising as well as a brief self-help book entitled Paths to Health and Resilience. “A summary chapter determines a person’s balance between stress and coping in their present life, leading to a measure of their near-future risk for illness versus a near-future prediction of good health and resilience.”