“30 Rock” Therapy: Jack Role-Plays Tracy’s Shrink

Coworkers. Often they become kind of a second family—and sometimes they feel as or more important than your real one. If you’ve had some time off for the holidays, perhaps you’re missing them. If so, try the following episode of sitcom 30 Rock on for size. You’ll appreciate the 30 Rock therapy scene.

On this sitcom about the production of a sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live, Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) is often both troubled and troubling to those around him. But he still seems loved and appreciated for who he is.

In one episode from Season Two titled “Rosemary’s Baby,” his boss, Jack (Alec Baldwin), brings in a therapist to offer some needed assistance to Tracy regarding his relationships with his (real) family. The shrink, however, clearly isn’t up to the formidable task that is Tracy. Nor does she know (how to handle) Jack.

30 Rock therapy described in Wikipedia: “…Jack role-plays Tracy’s father, Tracy, and Tracy’s mom, among several other people from Tracy’s childhood, conveying the message that even though Tracy’s parents may have divorced, they still loved him. This comforts Tracy, and affirms that while he loves his family, they are crazy, and he needs to stay away from them. Tracy hugs Jack, and tells him that he is the only family he needs.”

Watch the scene below:

Some Featured Favorite Quotes on IMDB

Tracy Jordan: I don’t need the therapy! I’m just mentally ill!

Tracy: [to his psychiatrist] Who’s crazier, me or Ann Curry?

Tracy’s Father: Tracy, don’t stare directly at the sun. It’ll make you crazy. Tracy Jordan: You’re not my dad!

Wikipedia offers a sampling of reviews, which I’m providing in bullet format:

  • ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ was named as one of the ‘Top 11 TV Episodes of 2007’ by UGO
  • …ranked thirteenth on The Futon Critic‘s list of ‘the 50 Best Episodes of 2007’
  • Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Guide declared it as ‘one of 30 Rock’s best episodes ever
  • Bob Sassone of TV Squad…called the therapy scene “one of the funniest scenes…on TV this season”
  • Robert Canning of IGN…called the therapy scene “the best moment of the episode”
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