Oct 04

“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” (Book)

The only people who aren’t allowed to comment on Donald Trump’s mental health are the people who are most expert and qualified to do it. John D. Gartner, PhD, a contributor to The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, regarding the … Continue reading

Sep 01

#Unfit (The Psychology of Donald Trump): New Film

A significant part of the following official statement on behalf of Dan Partland‘s new movie #Unfit is not true: “For the first time, mental health professionals go on the record, in an eye–opening, science–based assessment of the behavior and stability … Continue reading

Jul 20

Mary Trump: 45’s Failures As Well As His Enablers’

The only niece of Donald J. Trump and a clinical psychologist, Mary Trump has titled her new book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. States Ted Johnson, Deadline, her wording “is perhaps … Continue reading

Jan 23

Trumpism: And Related Terms We Know Better Now

As we’ve now officially crossed into the era of President Trump and Trumpism, some of the important terms we now know or need to know better: Trumpism A Johns Hopkins college syllabus (JHU) that went viral post-election states that it involves “personal … Continue reading