“Another Happy Day”: Therapy For Unhappy Family Members

The new film Another Happy Day (“a title laced in sarcasm,” notes The L.A. Times) is yet another one about a wedding at which family dysfunction galore reigns supreme.

As described by Meg Grant for AARP, the director Sam Levinson “…brings a freshness to the story by exploring the interrelations of three generations and exposing their pathologies: adolescent addiction, self-mutilation, spousal abuse and suicidal ideation related to terminal illness.”

Whereas the film as a whole hasn’t received stellar reviews, the screenplay and many of the performances, particularly that of Ellen Barkin as Lynn, have.

In scanning the reviews, I realized that therapy was referenced frequently. So, naturally, that’s where I’m placing my focus:

  • “…Lynn schedules a family therapy session with her ex-husband and his bimbo-ish wife, played with gusto by Demi Moore. That session predictably turns into a scream fest as the two women go at each other.” (newjerseynewsroom.com)
  • “Most of the conflicts will sound familiar — which mother, bio or step, will Dylan take down the aisle? Others feel contrived, like the therapy session Lynn orchestrates with her ex on the eve of the wedding.” (latimes.com)
  • “It would be like Cinderella if only Lynn had a fairy godmother. She doesn’t, however, and years of therapy haven’t helped her achieve any emotional distance from her incredibly vile family…”(newjerseynewsroom.com)
  • “’Another Happy Day’ stands as an unintended argument against treating relationships as exercises in primal therapy when venting your anger only makes it worse.” (New York Times)
  • “…like a two-hour group therapy session to nowhere.” (celebrities.com)
  • “Lynn manages to turn every conversation into a therapy session, which only gives the troops more ammo…” (indiewire.com)

Interested maybe? For your consideration, the trailer is below:

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