Car Accident Recovery: James F. Zender

This unique guide is long overdue since more people suffer traumatic brain injuries from car crashes than from war. A must read for any of you or your family members who need support and guidance after being in an unfortunate accident and are most likely in pain. Jerri Sher, regarding Recovering from Your Car Accident

As there has never been a resource like this new book, I’m jumping at the chance to let readers know about it, keenly remembering several of my past clients who’ve had extreme difficulty adjusting to the trauma of having been in car accidents.

“Road traffic injuries are a neglected global pandemic,” states the publisher of clinical psychologist James F. Zender‘s Recovering from Your Car Accident: The Complete Guide to Reclaiming Your Life. “Up to 50 million people a year worldwide are injured or disabled in car accidents. The deleterious impact on the global economy is immense. Thousands of those injured die of opiate overdoses, trying to deal with chronic pain.”

Other effects for victims of car crashes:

The post-accident life of a survivor is all too often devastated by spinal or severe orthopedic injuries, depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disturbances, mild episodic or chronic pain, and/or a traumatic brain injury that can cause personality changes, cognitive and memory impairments, and debilitating fatigue. A substantially reduced quality of life with career changes and setbacks, broken and overstressed relationships, and financial hardships that continue for many years, often ensue.

Zender not only offers comprehensive recovery ideas, he wonders what can be done to prevent car crashes to begin with. From a recent Psychology Today post: “What is so tragically different from the current COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing pandemic of car crashes? The latter is largely preventable by altering human behaviors. Safer driving, improved and more accessible driver training programs, safer roads with better traffic laws, improved law enforcement, and increased vehicle safety would eliminate a vast percentage of crashes.”

Selected Reviews of Recovering from Your Car Accident

Gayle P. Myers, MD: “A must read for patients, family members, health care providers, and attorneys, to help reach long-term healing of Vehicular Trauma Syndrome. I will be recommending this book widely.”

Dawne McKay, Founder of the Crash Support Network: “In my seven years that I continue to recover from a horrific motor vehicle crash, I have never come across such an enlightening, resourceful, and informative book that I could relate to. A remarkable read that touches on every struggle that we face after surviving such a life changing event.”

John Gwynne Prosser II, president, NeuroTrauma Association: “He explains how brain injury victims have a fear of being crazy, they suffer from depression, and that pain is a powerful, interruptive force. He encourages the importance of empathy and emphasizes the power of group therapy and the benefits of meditation. His book is an excellent resource to help these victims and their families.”

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