“Faults”: Unusual Deprogramming of a Cult Member

In the film Faults, called by Simon Abrams (rogerebert.com) a “black-comedy/thriller,” a religious cult has taken over the life of a young woman, Claire (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). In order to get her back, her parents hire a mind control expert, Ansel Roth (Leland Orser). After Ansel manages to free her, he takes Claire to a motel room for the five-day deprogramming.

The movie was written/directed by Riley Stearns, who also happens to be married to actress Winstead.

Consider yourself warned about the trailer—definitely gives off a creepy and violent vibe:

The Deprogrammer

Who is this guy exactly? Andy Webster, New York Times: “Ansel has his own baggage: Once a renowned expert in the vein of the cult authority Rick Alan Ross, he mourns his failed marriage, owes money to a creditor and unsuccessfully hawks his latest book at second-rate venues. Between the intimidating posturing of Claire’s father (Chris Ellis) and the alternately hysterical, vulnerable and assertive Claire, he finds his mettle challenged to the limit.”

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