Internet Trolling: Why Are So Many People So Mean?

You may already know what internet trolling is, but if not: An “internet troll” is the commonly used term to describe someone who vents his/her meanness on websites, blogs, and social media.

Why is this such a common phenomenon these days? When an option, the ability to remain anonymous in one’s comments is one significant factor that makes this so easy.

Some instances of trolling-type behavior isn’t about¬†intentionally hurting others but more about being indelicate in one’s self-expression. But much is indeed about wanting to cause harm.¬†The following is a list of some of the reasons people might engage in intentional trolling, as reported by Howard Fosdick, OS News:

      • Attention and recognition, even if negative
      • The emotional release of venting
      • Power (the power to disrupt)
      • Vandalism
      • The thrill of breaking social conventions
      • Sabotaging groups the troll dislikes
      • Immaturity

This is a serious issue. Intentional trolling is a form of cyber-bullying that can even lead to the suicide of victims.

The following infographic details various other psychological phenomena associated with internet trolling. If you are bothered by someone’s trolling, be sure to scroll to the bottom: “How to Psych Out Your Troll.” Other possible recourse can involve reporting incidents to site managers or, in cases in which harm has been threatened, to the FBI.

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