Post Football Depression: Super Bowl and Mental Health

I don’t normally associate the Super Bowl with any particular mental health issues—but Dr. Phil does. And he’s recently written about it in an article on “Post Football Depression Syndrome“: “SBS. Super Bowl Sunday. For most men, it makes their year. Unfortunately, for too many, the year ends the day after. PFDS, Post Football Depression Syndrome sets in and sets in with a vengeance. It begins the morning of February 6 this year…”

Apparently Dr. Phil sees post football depression not only as a male-only disorder but one that affects most men. Some women out there might actually resent this sexist view and will probably correctly perceive it as something devised to cope with PMS-envy. Some guys out there might want to argue that they suffer unfairly from Men Who Hate Football Stigma.

McGraw’s suggestions for dealing with Post Football Depression Syndrome:

  1. Pay Attention to That Woman Who is in Your House.
  2. And Then Pay Attention to Those Kids Who Live With You.
  3. Do Some Chores.
  4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

If the above sound helpful, go for it and read more about this in his article.

Furthermore, in honor of the possible connection between the Super Bowl, mental health issues, and nonsense, I present today a clip from the movie Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (1994).

The eccentric pet detective Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is on the hunt for Ray Finkle, a former Miami Dolphins player who had been institutionalized years ago after causing his team to lose the Super Bowl. Although he’d then escaped and hasn’t been seen since, Ventura believes Finkle may now be responsible for the recent kidnapping of both the Dolphins mascot, Snowflake, and Dolphins player Dan Marino.

Ventura, pretending to be mentally ill, infiltrates the mental hospital where Finkle was once treated in order to secretly snuff out more info about him. His cohort Melissa (Courteney Cox), the Chief Publicist for the Dolphins, needs to find Snowflake soon—in time for the upcoming Super Bowl—or she’ll be fired.

Here’s Ventura’s over-the-top performance of what his version of a mental patient looks like:

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