Preventing College Suicides: Several Important Resources

The second leading cause of death among college students is suicide, say the reports. Clearly, then, preventing college suicides should be a huge priority.

Add to this alarming statistic the fact that many college students who consider suicide don’t ever tell anyone about it. These young folks, out in the real world trying to get an education, are in emotional pain and not necessarily showing it. Amid throngs of thriving student groups and activities, these kids feel all alone. They’re people in need of help, and they’re often not getting it.

Here are a few resources related to preventing college suicides:

I. The Truth About Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College

Distributed by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), this film addresses the effects of living with depression at college while also emphasizing that depression is a treatable illness.

The clip below features the responses of siblings, friends, and others:

Check out the AFSP website for further info on prevention and for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, such as how to be there for someone in need.

II. Long Way Home: Real Stories of College Suicide and Those Left Behind

This eight-minute video was produced by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas and shot and edited by Richard Wilson of Outreach Arts, Inc.

More than once in this film we hear of certain troubled individuals who helped others but who couldn’t help themselves—a not uncommon phenomenon.

 III. The Trevor Project

As we know that the LGBTQ youth population is particularly vulnerable to suicidal ideation and attempts, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention The Trevor Project.

This year they launched a program called LGBTQ on Campus, which is aimed at creating a safer environment for LGBTQ college students by offering specifically targeted trainings.

Check out the Trevor Project’s brand new PSA, “Ask for Help,” applicable not just to college kids but to all LGBTQ youth:

IV. Are You a College Student In Need of Some Help Right Now?

1-800-273-TALK (8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQ) – (866-488-7386)

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