Adapted from the novel, the screenplay MINDING THERAPY is still available for an enterprising filmmaker!


A burnt-out therapist, misguidedly avoiding her own head-shrinking, has her life turned upside down when the father who abandoned her dies. 


Daryl Stone, a burnt-out therapist with a demanding schedule at a mental health clinic in Providence, faces two new life-changing events. Her mom, Nina, requests she come home to Louisville for the funeral of Daryl’s father—though Daryl never knew him—and Daryl meets and falls for a very appealing woman, Angie, who’s also a therapist. But Daryl, whose regular food binges don’t help her self-esteem, is already solidly entrenched in a dysfunctional relationship with another woman who lives with her boyfriend and claims she’s straight. 

While home at Nina’s, Daryl feels supported by Uncle Jack, her father’s brother, but learns disturbing family revelations, such as Daryl’s father had married Nina’s (now former) best friend, and it was Nina who’d kept Daryl away from the dad. Already shaky and now well on her way to a total meltdown, Daryl finally starts therapy, hoping for a quick fix. To a certain extent this superficial approach works, in that she ditches the old girlfriend, gets into a promising romance with Angie, and even seriously considers developing her own private therapy practice. 

But Daryl has had it with her mom’s secrets and lies. In an attempt at resolution and closeness, Nina decides to visit her avoidant daughter, bringing Jack with her. If only Nina would just cop to Jack being her boyfriend, geez, Daryl thinks. Meanwhile, Nina’s homophobia is sorely tested having to see Daryl and Angie together. And then another revelation Nina never intended: Jack is gay! It’s a good thing that Daryl hasn’t totally blown off therapy: she really needs to understand how her own intimacy issues stem from her family background. Relatedly, there’s been an interlude with her ex that Angie doesn’t yet know about. In the end, though, Angie is not only forgiving, she wants a commitment. Daryl agrees to live with her. 


“The concept of a therapist who is jogged by a benchmark moment, which is a death in the family, calls to mind Alexander Payne and Cameron Crowe dramedies.”


Having put my submissions on hold for over a decade, I have now resumed, realizing there is a greater interest today in LGBTQ content. Awards are listed below:

*Official Selection, Berlin International Screenwriting Festival, April 2024

*Official Selection, New York Arthouse Film Fest, April 2024

*Nominee, Boston Indie Film Festival, March 2024

**Honorable Mention, Golden Pen Script Awards, March 2024

***Diamond Award, Best Feature Script, Mindfield Film Festival, January/February 2024

*SemiFinalist, Atlanta International Screenplay Awards, December 2023

“…The narrative’s most compelling element lies in its nuanced exploration of Daryl’s complex inner world and the intricate web of relationships that shape her existence. As we observe Daryl navigating mundane activities, the narrative skillfully unveils layers of her personality, revealing a character brimming with contradictions and internal conflicts.

The strained relationship with her mother, Nina, serves as a poignant focal point. Through tense exchanges about dieting and the symbolic change in Daryl’s childhood bedroom, the narrative candidly portrays the palpable distance between mother and daughter…

***Award Winner, Indiefare International Film Festival, February 2024

*SemiFinalist, Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival, Winter 2024

***GOLD Winner, LGBTQ-Unbordered International Film Festival, Fall 2022 and Winter 2024

*Nominee, LA Independent Women Film Awards, Winter 2024

**Honorable Mention, Chicago Script Awards, Winter 2024

**Finalist, Cambridge Script Festival, Winter 2023/24

*SemiFinalist, Pitch Now Screenplay Competition, January 2024

Official Selection, Oxford Script Awards, Winter Season 23/24

***Best Feature Screenplay WINNER, Hollywood Best Indie Film Award, Winter 2023/2024

***Best Feature Screenplay WINNER, Mojo International Film Awards, September 2023.

*Official Selection, New York Screenwriting Awards, Winter 2023.

Quarterfinalist, Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2023

*Semifinalist, Women in Film and Video/New England, April 2009.

***Winner, Hollywood Script (, January 2009. They called it…

“…a spunky but deep ‘little story’ that keeps you fully engaged from start to finish. It’s brave, absorbing and ever so honest. In some circles the lesbian aspect of things may make it seem narrow and niche. But it’s anything but…it’s simply a very rich human experience resonating all the realities and verities of existence in a diversified fashion, touching on such things as loneliness, obsession, addiction, passion, career issues, unfinished family business and of course love and sexuality. The protagonist is very relatable, deeply sympathetic, sharp-witted, funny, tragic and as normal as apple pie. Situations and difficulties never stop their entertaining progression, all within a very compelling story. Hip and relevant, with a Bridget Jones’s Diary kind of flavor (because Daryl is funny and is on a similar kind of quest.) Would make a terrific film.”

**Top 10 finalist, Indie Producer, December 2008.

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  1. Hi Ros,
    Congratulations on your awards!
    They are very well deserved.
    I loved your book and a movie would be wonderful to see.
    I’m putting in a request now for a sequel.

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