“Sex After Kids”: Film View of Parenthood and Coupling

Ever hear of Sex After Kids? The movie, that is? The one written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde? According to the website: “This edgy ensemble comedy follows a variety of relationships. Newlyweds with a newborn try to align their baby’s schedule and their libidos. An aloof single mom has a brother who insists that she should get back out in the world. A lesbian couple finds they don’t share the same child-rearing principles. A single dad grows tired of one-night stands. Recent empty nesters wonder if they can find the spark that brought them together. And the wife in the high-powered couple who never planned to have children is now looking to become a soccer mom. Their relationships and ideals will be put to the test with the question: is it possible to have children and a sex life—and is it even worth it?”

Why see it? For one thing, there’s Dr. Keaton, a “take-out therapist” (Gordon Pinsent). Dar Dowling, The Huffington Post, calling Sex After Kids “a really smart, poignant and often hilarious film,” elaborates: “Lalonde had me right from the start, when Ben brings a ‘takeout’-style couples therapist home, to his slightly horrified wife Jules because — you guessed it — they aren’t having sex and he’s over it. Yet he gets more than he bargained for including homework — 100 days of sex. As if it’s that easy — and it’s not, until she discovers the spin cycle on the dryer. From that point on I was strapped in for a wildly funny, yet thought and emotion-provoking ride, right along with Lalonde’s eclectic, slightly damaged and utterly charming cast of characters. Many of whom could actually be my friends — well the ones with kids.”

Excerpts from additional (and not-so-easy-to-find) reviews:

TD Rideout, The Mind Reels, calling Sex After Kids “one of the most perfectly crafted romantic-comedy-dramas I have ever seen”: “There’s not an off-note, a missed opportunity, or bad performance, while admittedly most of the characters are quirky, they always seemed to be grounded in the reality created by the film. The writing, as we’ve come to expect from Jeremy is top-notch, it’s tightly edited, and completely engrossing and entertaining. Only two weeks into 2013, and I think I may have already found my favorite film of the year.”

Talking to the Moon blog: “I wish I could sum up the movie easily, but it’s actually the type of movie that after you see it for days later you and your friends will be talking about various scenes and laughing again as you go through the funniest bits you can recall to the ones you suddenly remember again.”

Corie Anderson, Daily Nexus: “Ensemble comedies are usually tough to pull off, but ‘Sex After Kids’ keeps a steady pace and cuts equally between each hilarious storyline, balancing them perfectly.”

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  1. Just saw this. I’m the writer/director of the film. It’ll be released theatrically in Canada on February 7th, VOD to follow – and it’ll be released in the US by April or May!
    Thanks for being interested in the film 🙂

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