“Still Here Thinking of You”: Mothers and Daughters

Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance with Our Mothers, published in January, was the unexpected result of a certain group of writers gathering together to discuss their work. The process of Joan Potter, Susan Hodara, Vicki Adesso, and Lori Toppel somehow led to all of them focusing on their mothers.

Brief bios of each author are available on the book’s website. Below are excerpted descriptions of their moms:

  • Joan: “Although kind and loving, her mother was hiding a mysterious sadness, which Joan always sensed as a child. It wasn’t until after her mother’s death that Joan learned her secrets.”
  • Susan: Her “mother was a submissive wife and a passive parent throughout Susan’s childhood. It was not until Susan was grown and her father sank into dementia, and then died, that her mother’s strengths emerged and they found a new closeness.”
  • Vicki: “As the oldest, Vicki became her mother’s confidante, and often her support. But her mother’s periodic bouts of rage and sadness and Vicki’s own struggles with depression took their toll.”
  • Lori: “When Lori was a child, she felt her mother’s ebullience and charm, but as a teenager and young adult, she watched her mother change into a distraught, disturbed woman.”

At least one of the women, Vicki, has questioned whether the openness of her writing represents a betrayal of her mom. Her brief post about this can be read here.

Selected Reviews

Kathleen Reardon, Huff Post Books: “This is storytelling as art. The authors excel in their ability to pull you into their recollections knowing…that you are out there vicariously living through their revelations and your own similar, heartfelt and heartrending reflections.”

Kate Stone Lombardi, author of The Mama’s Boy Myth: “In Still Here Thinking of You, the authors have woven a tapestry of four individual memoirs…into a larger meditation on the sometimes fraught, often intense mother-daughter relationship. As each writer creates a compelling portrait of the woman who raised her, she also tries to come to terms with who her mother was. Still Here Thinking of You is a lovely, absorbing collection.”

John H. Richardson, Esquire: “These stories take us to the heart of where we all live, the endless bond between mother and child. They are honest and lyrical, painful and funny, a final reckoning and a testament to the vanished past — soul work right there on the page.”

2 thoughts on ““Still Here Thinking of You”: Mothers and Daughters

  1. I just came upon this…how lovely! Thank you so much for promoting our book – how did you find out about SHTOY? I apologize if I should know…social media, the internet: overwhelming. I look forward to exploring your site and reading posts here. Peace, Vicki Addesso (co-author of SHTOY)

    • Hi Vicki,
      Glad you found the post! It’s been a while, thus I don’t recall how I learned about your book. It wouldn’t be social media, as I don’t use any, so it must have been something online. Sorry–wish I could remember!!
      Best, Ros

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