The Man Therapy Campaign: How to Reach Out to Men With Issues

There’s a new therapy in town—well, in the state of Colorado—and, well, everywhere else too via a website—and it’s for men only. Well, and for those who care about men. It’s called Man Therapy.

From the recent announcement of this new ad campaign:

The Office of Suicide Prevention at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment today launched Man Therapy, a groundbreaking approach to suicide prevention and other men’s mental health issues. The office and its partners, Denver-based advertising agency Cactus and the Carson J Spencer Foundation, launched the campaign designed to use humor to cut through stigma and help men tackle issues such as depression, divorce and suicidal thoughts head-on, the way a man would do it.

In addition to its multifaceted website, the Man Therapy Campaign will also use other ways to draw people’s attention, such as a PSA, the placement of pertinent posters (e.g., “You can’t fix your mental health with duct tape”), and distribution of business cards.

Business cards? Yes, those of Dr. Rich Mahogany, the fake manly therapist played by actor John Arp. Mahogany has been described by the New York Times as “an affable, mustachioed, middle-aged man whose personality might be described as Dr. Phil meets Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s fictional anchorman.”

Take a closer look at the totality of, and you’ll find an interactive site that’s clever and man-friendly. When you click on certain parts of the manly office furnishings, important info will be revealed. You’ll find such things as serious info on “gentlemental health” and a “Head Inspection” questionnaire to assess your problems.

In this clip, Dr. Mahogany introduces the questionnaire:

Different scores will mean different things, of course, and one on the more serious end of the continuum will be labelled “troublesome.” Whenever a score reaches this range, Mahogany will comment, “Your results have me worried. And needless to say, if a pretend doctor like me is concerned about you, you probably should get some help.”

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