SPECIAL NOTICE: Currently I am only able to see ongoing and returning clients. In addition, all services are virtual only. 

ROS JOHNSON, LICSW: Therapy Services Offered

I’m a psychotherapist/clinical social worker in the greater Providence, RI area with over 40 years of experience in family service, mental health, and private settings. I offer services to adults and am experienced in a wide range of issues that commonly arise.

Therapy doesn’t have to be a long-term venture. Often the sooner you seek help for your issues, the fewer sessions involved. I often see clients, in fact, for one to three visits. On the other hand, extended therapy can be useful and more effective if it’s deeper patterns you’re needing to change.

Some issues you might be experiencing that my expertise covers:

  • Relationship problems: Whether your relationship is brand new, older, heterosexual, same-sex, monogamous, codependent, “open,” poly, mixed race, mixed culture, nearing separation or divorce, stable–or any other category–almost everyone can use some intervention at some point.
  • Depression: From short-term and low-level to long-term and severe.
  • Anxiety: Ongoing stressors and worry? Or an ongoing condition outside your control?
  • Stress reduction and management: Tools for making life’s stressors easier to handle.
  • LGBTQIA+ issues: As an openly lesbian therapist, I have long been interested in the wide variations and fluidity in orientation and gender. My work has included presenting community and professional workshops on these topics.
  • Other minority status issues: My own non-majority status enables me to work with those who present with their own unique differences and/or sense of minority status in the world. It’s my honor to be able to work with such a range of diverse backgrounds.
  • Trauma, including a history of childhood sexual abuse, current abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), accidents, isolated acts of violence within one’s family or community, sudden deaths of loved ones, natural disasters, etcetera.
  • Loss and grief: From common types of life changes that represent loss to more deeply felt episodes of bereavement.

Most of the above issues can be addressed in a solution-focused, briefer time frame than is commonly associated with some therapies.

Please feel free to contact me, Ros Johnson, LICSW (see Contact Page), if you desire further information or wish to set up a consultation or initial appointment for therapy. Most local health insurances are accepted.

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