“What’s Cooking?”: Thanksgiving Film Celebrates Diversity

The tagline of today’s film, What’s Cooking?: Thanksgiving. A celebration of food, tradition and relative insanity.

I purposely chose the day after Thanksgiving for this film, as What’s Cooking? (2000) may best be seen on a full stomach—unless the idea of pressing pause frequently in order to complete your movie-induced food cravings doesn’t bother you.

In this movie, four different—and ethnically diverse—households in a Los Angeles neighborhood are celebrating Thanksgiving. Represented in the film are Vietnamese, Latino, Jewish, and African American families.

Witness below:

As in Home for the Holidays, sexual orientation figures into the mix along with other themes of diversity. Kyra Sedgwick plays a lesbian who’s with her lover (Julianna Margulies) on the holiday.

Sarah Warn of afterellen.com notes that in addition to gay, racial, and ethnic issues, there are generational differences to boot: “…the children in each family struggle with the difference between their world and the one their parents grew up in.”

Critic Roger Ebert: “What’s strange is the spell the movie weaves. By its end, there is actually a sort of tingle of pleasure in seeing how this Thanksgiving ends, and how its stories are resolved…Here are four families that have, in one way or another, started peace talks.”

Peace to you as well.

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